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 I help individuals and couples located in Phoenix, Arizona who are in emotional pain.  My goal is to make the process as uncomplicated and real as possible.  You’ll find that though my approach is scientific, I’m really tailoring a plan that taps into your unique needs.  I simply love the connection that grows when you can relate to another and help ease their pain.  I specialize in therapy that goes beyond symptom relief to help individuals restore their lives with authenticity, connection and purpose.   I will help you address the disturbing images and strong emotions that often accompany trauma to integrate your mind, body and spirit by helping you build identity and strengthen relationships.   I offer early morning and evening appointment times and telehealth capability to provide you with needed flexibility in these challenging times.  Those of you in Arizona practicing social distancing consistent with CDC recommendations for COVID-19, will find comfort in the use of Urim’s state of the art HiPAA compliant video-conferencing system designed to provide you with remote and online assistance that keeps our communication secure and private.


Reconnect to self & others
Difficulty sleeping, sudden anxiety and anger.


Regain control
Racing thoughts, exhaustion and pressure to succeed.


Find support & empathy
Sadness, shock, rage and helplessness.

Identity Conflict

Discover self & acceptance
Cultural stress, disconnect and identity concerns.

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How therapy can help:

Though the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be quite debilitating, PTSD is treatable.   

I use an evidence-based bottom-up “body” approach called Brainspotting, which was discovered during an EMDR session by David Grand.  Many individuals shy away from trauma treatment because they perceive it as front-loaded with a lot of *work* making timelines and such.  I recognize that some clients want to just show up with themselves and go gently from there. Brainspotting allows you to do that.  In Brainspotting, I help the client jumpstart the brain’s natural self-healing by locating a spot in their visual field.  The client holds their gaze on that spot while the brain processes where you are “stuck” on a subcortical level outside of your conscious awareness. 

Another evidence-based trauma treatment approach I use is Accelerated Resolution Therapy® (ART) which is recognized by SAMHSA and NREPP.  This therapy allows you to relate your traumatic event or processes as little or as much as you want.  ART® utilizes eye movement therapy similar to EMDR, but shows positive results in fewer sessions with less cognitive processing.  In other words, I do not need you to retell the details of your traumatic event or process it analytically for this to be effective.    ART® works by engaging the primitive part of your brain that has so much to do with your emotional response and helps retrain your body to put the past behind you.  This part of the brain is referred to as the “bottom” because the brain develops from the bottom up, from the back to the front.  Bottom-up therapy can help target the way trauma feels in the body.  

I also utilize Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  This has been successfully used to help change the core beliefs and thought patterns tied to the trauma to improve symptoms, restore feelings of self-worth and  teach skills.  This is what most people understand by “talk therapy” and it is considered a “top-down” approach.  Of course, the “top” and “bottom” parts of your brain don’t act independently of each other.  Using both approaches allows you to engage your entire brain in the process of healing.  You can read more about my approach to therapy and the other modalities I use here.

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Light and Meaning

Though I am trained in a number of widely researched therapeutic models, none are a match for that innate part within all of us that is dedicated
to survival and remains a mysterious process.
It is for this reason my practice is named “Urim” (pronounced OO-RIM) as
a reminder that the body and the person holds the key to healing, not the

If I can help clear some of the clutter obscuring your view, oftentimes, the body knows what to do to complete the healing process.  We are wired to connect!  I draw on my experience and training not only as a clinician, but as a Harvard trained lawyer and philosophy major to spot the clues revealed by your subconscious to help you access what you already know and figure out meaning, purpose and serenity.  

Noun: “mysterious object worn on the breastplate of ancient high priests that provided light and meaning.”   

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