Group EMDR or G-TEP

GROUP EMDR/G-TEP Group Traumatic Episode Protocol make an Appointment ◦ Privacy ◦ build resilience ◦ affordable option ◦ relief your way◦ The power of choice Where healing Begins We invite…

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Understanding Depression

Depression is a serious mental illness that impacts one’s self-image, perspective, hope, sense of capability and general outlook on life.

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Attachment Therapy Arizona

Attachment Based Therapy Create  Meaningful ConnectionTel: 602-691-6560   Request Your Appointment Therapy Through an Attachment Lens Attachment TheoryAttachment theory lies at the heart of my trauma practice and approach to…

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Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum Therapy

Being a new parent isn't easy. Adding unresolved trauma makes it worse. CONNECT WITH US for support, guidance and resolution. Schedule an intake Therapeutic Strategies, Tools and Relief for Prenatal,…

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