Confidence Empowerment
Direction identity

Setting & Reaching Goals
There are many challenges related to
self-esteem, motivation, communication, confidence or problem-solving where individuals can benefit from concrete skills and guidance, that don’t merit the interventions and depth involved in therapy.  This is where coaching can be tremendously beneficial.  I help people learn and reinforce specific skills that help them gain perspective, move forward, feel motivated and attain goals.  With coaching we are not engaged in a treatment process to heal past emotional wounds or work on sustained cognitive distortion. 

Coaching vs. Therapy
There is no diagnosis and there’s a presumption of wellness that will allow you to build on existing strengths.  Coaching is very much forward- facing and solution focused.  It is also relatively short-term.  In fact, some people prefer an intensive week of 2-4 sessions to help them deal with a specific challenge.

Certified Coach
As a certified coach, I employ strategic methods to help you find focus and specific direction.  So there’s no getting bamboozled by a charasmatic personality talking a lot of hot air.  I find I also draw on my experience and training as an attorney to add problem-solving, focus and analysis to the equation.  (Though I of course, cannot dispense legal advice in this context).

Practical and Accessible Skills
My approach to coaching is not unlike my approach to therapy in that regard.  It’s important to be able to take what you learn in your session to your everyday life and put it into practice as part of your personal transformation experience.

Virtual Coaching
Remote access using our secure platform allows me to help people from the comfort of their living room.  It provides unique flexibility that is an option for those with busy schedules, needing additional privacy or operating within boundaries for social distancing.  

Racial Trauma Coaching
Coaching is another way of providing support for those who have experience overt and subtle prejudice or microaggressions associated with racism. 

Living amongst culturally-bound assumptions and privilege that suppresses your authenticity is stressful. Overt racism is painful. Being able to identify what is going on is a precursor to feeling safe in your body.  Our group coaching is a particularly helpful and affordable way for BIPOC to feel safe and learn ways to navigate and maintain helpful boundaries.

Free Consultation: Call Me To See For Yourself

Explore if coaching is for you. I invite you to review the information on specific types of coaching below and take advantage of the free consultation to see how coaching might work for you and if it addresses your needs.  Coaching sessions are scheduled by phone only.  Click here to let us know what you might need.

womens empowerment coaching urim recovery

empowerment coaching

  • Develop strengths
  • Recognize and build resilience against racial and cultural stress
  • Identify intergenerational barriers
  • Define personal style and expectations
  • Gain perspective 

Wellness Restorative Coaching

This aspect of coaching allows us to go deep, deep into the restorative practices of self-care and mindfulness to live out a life of authenticity and integration of mind, body and spirit. 

 Ideal for those adjusting to life transitions.

addiction recovery coaching

  • Build structure and lifestyle around sobriety or substance reduction lifestyle
  • Practice sober/harm-reduction skills consistently
  • Set consistent boundaries

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