Your journey to a more authentic life has already begun.

You are not alone

Perhaps you are having a hard time in your relationships, or events have shaken your world.  Do you feel stuck?  Maybe you don’t feel anything at all.

My hope is to help you make sense of your life, help you find your way and feel connected with a spirit of vitality and sense of purpose.  This takes time, but the payoff is tremendous. 

I can help you find short term relief from emotional pain, but I hope you’ll put in the time and investment in yourself to experience the depths of what self-awareness and lasting resolution can offer.

urim recovery healing anxiety


Adults 18 & older. 
50 minute sessions.
Anxiety, Depression, Trauma,
Self-Defeating Behaviors & Addiction

group of chairs therapy urim recovery


Effective and efficient way to facilitate behavioral change.
Support. Skills Practice.
Mindfulness, Trauma & Addiction

Urim recovery trauma therapy couch healing


We are all wired for connection.  Infidelity, Trust, Substance Abuse, Culture Clashes, Distance, Conflict Resolution.

Some Details...


Understand how stress, worry and anxiety affect your mind and body. Learn tools to manage, transform and thrive.

What to Expect

New to therapy? Make an appointment online. Call for a free consultation to explore your options.


Convenient access to safe and secure therapy via video conferencing from the privacy of your home.


Loss, confusion and uncertainty can play havoc on our sense of self. Develop self-love. Find meaning.


Options for affordable counseling if you have been affected by COVID-19. Reduced rate. Flexible Hours.

Your Therapist

Trained in trauma care with focus on anxiety, depression and substance use.

urim recovery healing anxiety

Counseling Space

Consider this a space for healing, for personal growth, clarity, authenticity and connection to all that matters in life.

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