Not just couples.  We are all wired for connection. Rediscover intimacy.  Rebuild trust and connection.  Replace dysfunctional ways with intentional and compassionate interaction.


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Wired For Connection

Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, sad or uncertain in your relationship?  Feeling safe with someone is fundamental to our well-being.  It’s how we lead meaningful lives that are satisfying and purposeful.  

Relationships take more than attraction over the long haul.  But the work need not be terribly complicated or take years of therapy.  In fact, research shows that relationships can thrive even if partners don’t have similar interests,  and are otherwise imperfect. 

One of the gifts of working from an eclectic mind-body approach to relationship work is being able to help couples of varied backgrounds find intimacy and connection despite being imperfect, different or limited in terms of communication skills, emotional depth or “couples work.” 


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Therapeutic Path

I draw from a number of therapeutic modalities to meet your needs that include Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy (EFT),  Attachment-based, Existential, Solution-Focused, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Gottman Principles.

In other words, I work with whatever works best for the couple rather than a prescribed set of sessions.  You decide what you want and when therapy is complete.  This approach falls within the humanistic-existential tradition which emphasizes the human need for meaning and authenticity.  By working from this perspective, I can help you learn each other’s automatic reactions in order to increase your sense of safety, understanding and love. 


A Progressive Approach to Your Therapy

I won’t play mediator analyzing the content of your arguments and deciding who’s right and who’s wrong.  Instead, the emphasis will be on identifying and breaking repeated behavior patterns that get nowhere and developing renewed connection.  

You won’t need to learn artificial and fake sounding communication skills to grow closer.  You will develop natural attunement to your partner and to yourself to nurture your relationship in a natural and accessible manner.

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