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Mindful Movement is a Gentle Way to Ease Symptoms

We’re Not Talking the Rumba
We’re used to thinking of our brain as the top dog that guides the rest of the body. Certainly, the mindfulness movement has done much to advance that thinking.

But did you know that movement can influence the brain? It can help change the way we think. Moreover, in mindfulness practice we learn how pausing and distance can help us live in the present moment. Well, movement can do this also.

*Just gently shifting our position, can help shift where we are “stuck” in our thinking.
*Depression often goes hand in hand with negative thinking and rumination.
*The benefits of exercise are well known.
*Yoga and other gentle forms of movement demonstrate that gentle movements such as tai chi
can help reduce the severity of symptoms.
*The mindfulness movement has done much to emphasize this benefit.

Before You Adjust Your Mat
There’s some really good news out there about this movement thing. For many, starting an exercises regimen when they have been a couch potato for a while is no easy thing. Studies show that frequent yoga practice with its gentle movements, breathing and rhythm can reduce the symptoms of PTSD.

But it gets better. If that is even too much, there’s a study that found that synchronized behavior with another can improve self-esteem? Say what? Did you ever notice how the time flew and you felt better walking and talking?

Synchronized Behavior
The study actually discusses synchronized activity, so it need not be on the level of rigorous walking. Is it time to chek your physician’s recommendations regarding activity? But this is great news if you just want to start moving and are looking for baby steps. We’re talking measurable differences reported for joint rhythmic coordination. This might be finger taps.

A good guide that you have slipped from good sense to the dark side, is to consider your source of information and the amount of time you are spending on gathering that information. It’s worth checking out and discussing with your therapist.

“In a dancer, there is reverence for such forgotten things as the miracle of the small beautiful bones and their delicate strength.”

― Martha Graham 

Children Get It
As adults, we sometimes have a tendency to go overboard even with a good idea. As a general practice, I look at children engaged in natural play, when I need guidance on getting it right. It usually works as a good guide for most self-care.

My kids are still at an age where they belt out tunes in the bath and don’t think anything of dancing mid-sentence. Notice how so many cultures incorporate rhythm into their core rituals. We know that shifting our bodies can help reset our mood. Let your body move! It really does feel good!

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