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Multiracial Identity
Sometimes it seems as though everyone has a say in the identity of those whose ancestry includes the diversity of more than one race or culture.  Everyone except those who wake up with features or lifestyle choices and culture that don’t reflect a single dominant race. 

Political Construction of Racial Designations
Setting aside the fact that there is no biological basis for race to begin with and that there is lack of agreement in psychology on what defines ethnicity, culture and race anyways, we are embarking on an unprecedented time in which mixed-race individuals are deciding to identify with all of their racial heritage instead of feeling compelled to select one aspect in denial of others. 

Racial Consciousness and Social Identity
Regardless of how you choose to express yourself, I can help you on that journey since it is a journey of unique needs and strengths not yet accepted by mainstream thinking.

We cannot deny living in an historical and sociopolitical environment that denies multiracial identity and continues to think along monocultural and monoracial lines. 

I work with individuals to help them identify and understand what shapes their identity. 

Counseling Multiracial individuals and Interracial Couples-Unique Strengths
As a racial trauma coach, social justice advocate and clinician with lived mixed-race and multi-cultural experience, I am attuned to the public and sometimes volatile nature of the choices faced by those who wish to counter societal norms.  I neither avoid nor presume the significance of race.   Counseling in this area requires familiarity and experience with issues that present across the lifespan.

My therapeutic approach is a departure from the historical tendency to focus on the multiracial experience as inherently pathological.  I presume that culture, race and ethnicity are not unique to “minorities.”  I am familiar with  and facilitate well-being within multiple racial, ethnic and cultural groups that include Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, Africans, Afro-Caribbeans as well as those who identify as Black or White.  A number of clients who seek my services also find their identities intersecting along gender and religious lines. 

I can help validate your experiences and express the personal narrative that best reflects your identity and identification.  Instead of being drained by the idea of difference, I can help you celebrate its strengths.  

Interracial Couples
If you are part of a couple, identifying and clarifying the reasons that draw you together can be tremendously empowering.  Having a firm understanding of the many myths and stereotypes regarding race, I can also help couples discern their reasons for being together and the viability of their union.

Eurasian sisters biracial multiethnic identity
Mixed Race identity
Blacasian biracial identity

Third Culture Kids

This is a rather broad term that can reflect the experience of many individuals who have travelled significantly in their youth and possess unique challenges to secure identity having been exposed to multiple cultures and presents a challenge in terms of peer support and integrated identity. Mixed-race individuals can experience this challenge to integration of self without having moved to multiple locations simply by living their formative years in a culture that differs from their parents. The internal and external shifts that they adopt to integrate their sense of self reflects that "third culture."

online therapy groups

Urim Recovery offers the only online therapy groups in the Valley for mixed-race/multiracial individuals. The groups are a combination of process, support and psychoeducation. ​

Need a coach?

Not all identity work necessitates mental health treatment. Some degree of anxiety about racial identity, heritage, culture and/or purpose are more suited to coaching where an educator, advocate and/or strategist can facilitate gaining clarity and decision-making. I offer a variety of workshops, courses, individual coaching and online community support for those not seeking therapy.

Mixed-Race/Blended Families

Many families limit their decision-making regarding their mixed race children to choice of school and home location and find themselves unprepared for the myriad issues that are not resolved these choices. Such families may remain oblivious to their children's pain until well into their kids adult years. I help families prepare their children throughout their development and facilitate discussions around identity and/or race.

“By dismantling the narrow politics of racial identity and selective self-interest, by going beyond 'black' and 'white,' we may construct new values, new institutions and new visions of an America beyond traditional racial categories and racial oppression.”

~~Manning Marable

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