Self-Compassion Builds Relationships

Self-compassion builds relationships with self-care urim recovery

Self compassion builds relationships. Rethinking Self-Care.

What does compassion have to do with self-care and relationships? Self-care is at the root of well-being. More than a bubble bath or Netflix moment, it’s the source of compassion, self-love and kindness that not only benefits the doer, but it allows us proper perspective for caring for others. You can’t really expect to do well in a relationship, if you don’t first regard yourself with some care.

self-compassion builds relationships urim recovery

“Talk to yourself like someone you would love.”
Brene Brown

Small Efforts
With so much stress and anxiety with current lockdowns and social distancing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed quite quickly. The key to managing when things have spun out of control is to start small. Don’t contemplate a major overhaul. This is not a time to be “productive.” In fact, slow down. Do little things that allow you to use your senses and ground yourself in the here and now. I’ve started a list for you. What other small changes can you make?

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